05425 - DST device disable!

05425 - DST device disable!

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DST device disable!

Try logging into the system from a 5250 emulation terminal and use the

You should then see the DSP01 (console) device in a varied off status.
Enter a '1' as an option and it will vary the device on again and issue the
signon screen on the device again. The user-id you used when the device was
disabled will probably also be disabled, so you will need to re-enable the
user again as well. WRKUSRPRF <user-id> and option 2 to change. If you
don't know the password, change it there and set the status to *ENABLED.

If it was the DST user that was disabled, then you must log into the system
and use command CHGDSTPWD to reset the DST user password. Change the
parameter to *DEFAULT which will set the password for the DST user back to
the default (usually QSECOFR).

Hope something here helps...

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SAP on System i

When I try to logon in opration console,I enter the error password
more than 3 times,so the device was disable,I want to make it enable
how should I do???

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