05428 - Hardware question...

05428 - Hardware question...

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Hardware question...

Hi, group.

Does anyone out there have a 9406 S30-2260 (8-way) iSeries (AS/400)? If so,
there is something about the machine that I would like to know. If you
check your hardware configuration, do you see that you have 8 processor
cards with the 2260 feature code?

We have an S30-2260 (8-way), but when I check the configuration, I see we
have 4 of the 2260 feature and 4 of the 2259 feature installed and I'm
almost convinced that this shouldn't be the case, since each processor
feature has a definite processing benchmark and the 2260 is definitely
faster than the 2259. I've spoken to an 'ex' IBM guy recently who commented
that our setup was VERY strange, since we SHOULD have 8 of the 2260

Can anyone comment?

Thanks and regards,

Des Olwage
Snr. Systems Administrator
Goodyear South Africa
Tel. +27 41 5055441
Cell. +27 82 824 6900

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