05439 - Hardware question...

05439 - Hardware question...

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Hardware question...


We actually have an S30-9406 8-way. It has the same processor card
arrangement as yours. 4 2259's and 4 2260's. My understanding is
that the 2259 is the 4-way "feature" and the 2260 is the
8-way "feature".

Each feature is a card with 4 processors. If you buy a 4-way you get
one card. If you buy an 8-way you get both cards. All processors are
the same. 125mhz. (now that's fast!!!)

I don't think there is anything wrong with you system. The
difference in speed between the 2259 feature and 2260 feature is
really the 4-way vs 8-way system.

PPC AS Processor L2/ CPW CPW
Model CPUs Chip/Set Speed CPU C/S 5250

S30-2259 4 Apache 125 MHz 4 MB 998.6 64.0
S30-2260 8 Apache 125 MHz 4 MB 1,794.0 64.0

--- In SAP on System iZy..., desmond_olwageZg... wrote:
> Hi, group.
> Does anyone out there have a 9406 S30-2260 (8-way) iSeries
(AS/400)? If so,
> there is something about the machine that I would like to know. If
> check your hardware configuration, do you see that you have 8
> cards with the 2260 feature code?
> We have an S30-2260 (8-way), but when I check the configuration, I
see we
> have 4 of the 2260 feature and 4 of the 2259 feature installed and
> almost convinced that this shouldn't be the case, since each
> feature has a definite processing benchmark and the 2260 is
> faster than the 2259. I've spoken to an 'ex' IBM guy recently who
> that our setup was VERY strange, since we SHOULD have 8 of the 2260
> processors.
> Can anyone comment?
> Thanks and regards,
> Des Olwage
> Snr. Systems Administrator
> Goodyear South Africa
> Tel. +27 41 5055441
> Cell. +27 82 824 6900

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