05440 - SAP on iSeries education

05440 - SAP on iSeries education

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SAP on iSeries education

Hi Alan,

Under the MySap Architecture;
One of the most confusing things within the product are all the "independent"
areas which have patches & that easily gets lost in the picture just because
many times (especially in an iSeries shop) different departments are responsible
for the different pieces.
1. GUI - (responsibility=network/desktop) deployment & patching strategies -
yes GUI releases patches
2. KERNEL - (responsibility=iSeries/xSeries) patching & numbering scheme - (can
run "R3 enterprise" 4.7 with 6.20 kernel etc.)
3. R3 Enterprise - (responsibility=iSeries/xSeries) Support packs & number
4. WAS - (responsibility=xSeries/network) patches etc.
5. CRM - (responsibility=xSeries/network)
6. APO - (responsibility=xSeries/network)
6. BW - (responsibility=.......

As you know, in the near future; customers are going to be running so many
different releases (etc. Enterprise=4.7; KERNEL=6.20; WAS=6.20; BW=3.0B;
APO=2.5B; CRM=??; GUI=6.10 not to mention the support pack level for each of
these pieces)
If you can somehow pull this all together for the customer (btw Good Luck)

ALSO a couple of other minor topics.......
** "How to submit an IBM pmr"
** I would add a topic "The Art of SAP research" - NOTE SEARCH / OSS / SAPNET /
HELP / etc.

Enough of my 2cents

Doreen Anderson
Ball Horticultural Company
(630) 231-3600 x3214

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Subject: SAP on iSeries education

Hello All,

It is probable that IBM and SAP will work together to provide SAP R/3
education for the iSeries platform in the near future. There are
plans currently to offer some form of education in China and
Singapore in the next few months with the possibility of offering the
same education at other locations around the world in the future.
The course would be co-taught by IBM and SAP.

Below is a proposed high level outline of what would be offered. I
would like to get your opinions about the proposed outline and
suggestions about improvements.

1. MySAP Architecture including 6.xx
2. System Configuration
3. *Logical partitioning (introduction)
4. Installation ASCII GLS including a language import
5. DB2/400, Backup and Recovery, User ASPs, Database Management
6. R/3 Work Management
7. Starting and Stopping
8. Transport Mangement
9. Spool and Print
10. Kernel Upgrades
11. MYSap Landscape Client/Landscape Strategies
12. Solution Manager

Any and all comments would be most welcome and appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,

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