05448 - Antwort: IDES 4.6C Install

05448 - Antwort: IDES 4.6C Install

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Antwort: IDES 4.6C Install

Hi Chris,

I installed IDES 4.6C Vers. 2 last week on Win2000 Server with MS SQL 2000,
running on
DELL PowerEdge 1500 SC 2*1,13GHz with 2 GB RAM, Adaptec SCSI Controller,
6*36 GB hard disk ( we will have some more SAP installations on this machine
!!! ).

Use R/3 installation guide for R/3 on Win NT / Win2000 TOGETHER with the
guide for your IDES VERSION !!!. You'll find this on

 -> IDES Public Information -> General Information -> Installation Guides IDES.

If you plan to add support packages watch for OSS note 379608 (problem with
SAPKB46C15) and 312767 (problem with SAPKH46C22).

Hope this helps,


zcsugg <cgcsuggZn...>

22.03.2002 16:34
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Hello SAPling's.

We are researching installing the IDES 4.6C system at our company.  
It would be great to have any success/failure stories and anything to
look out for from installing the system. Plans are to put it on an NT


Have a look to our homepage at:

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