05456 - uncaught error

05456 - uncaught error

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uncaught error

Hi Thomas,

you might want to have a look to the joblog ?
Do you find some other new file in /usr/sap/trans/tmp and .../log with data
about the DBSL-trace ? You can sort in WRKLNKSAP with F14 by date



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Sent: Montag, 25. März 2002 16:18
Subject: uncaught error

Hallo SAPlings,

today wie started ab big import from our produktion system to the
customizing. Only DATA.

this import stoped with:
Errorcode 0234
uncaught error -> function err_exit called

in the TP systemlog you find:
ERROR: uncaught internal error in database interface

I don't find anymore informations
Now every import in this ckient stops with that errorcode.
Someone an idea.

Thanks in advanced

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