05461 - iSeries and Win2K

05461 - iSeries and Win2K

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iSeries and Win2K


has got someone a landscape installtion with AS/400 as DB server and
Win2000 as Application server ? I read the pdf "R/3 Installation on Windows
2000: IBM AS/400" and I've some questions about it:

- Can I use this configuration if now my release is 31I ? We can upgrade
from 31I to 46C SR2, after that we can install one or more Win2000
Application server, or new installation only is supported ?

- Must we convert the db from EBCID in ASCII/EBCID mode ? Is there a big
dasd usage increment ?

- I understad that we can use V4R5 or V5R1, is it true ?

- Are there some consideration about this landscape type ? Cost,
performance, licenses, ecc.

- In the pdf there are the minimun hardware requirements due win2000
application server, but due AS/400 db server, where is it ?

- Now we have a one only production R/3 as/400 server, a 9406-730, 8 way, 6
Gb ram and 180 dasd GB. We have good performance for our 300 user ( 200
active user more or less ) Now we want to upgrade from 31I to 46CSR2. Can I
leave this 730 as/400 as only db server and buy only some new win2000
application server or I must upgrade also the as/400 from 730 to 830 model
for example ?

Alessandro Fusari
Vemer Siber Group

Durban Tours - Südafrika Safari

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