05480 - new system as db copy

05480 - new system as db copy

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new system as db copy

Hi Alessandro,

a homogenious systemcopy would be an approach as well, for doing the upgrade
to 4.6c and the ebcdic => ascii conversion and then testing the W2K appl
servers !

Hopefully, you do have enough diskspace for this option.



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From: Huber, Dieter
Sent: Mittwoch, 27. März 2002 11:40
Subject: AW: new system as db copy

Hello Allessandro,

you set up another R/3 system by a so-called homogenous system copy. After
finishing it you had to set up the transport management system (TMS) with
the transactions SE06 and STMS. Here you can decide if you wish to set up
the new system
a) as a standalone R/3 system
b) as a R/3 system within a common transport-domain

In case a) you must copy outstanding transport requests manually to the
subdirectories of the new transport directory (/usr/sap/trans resp.
/sapmnt/trans). If you have a common transport directory at least you must
supply manually the import buffer of the new R/3 system.

In case b) you must implement an additional R/3 delivery system within
transaction STMS.

I strongly recommend you case b). Here most things are done automatically
(if the TMS is installed correctly) and the new system will be in good
consistency with PRD if you import the transport requests in the same way
like in your productive system.

It is easy to remove the new system from the TMS if you don't need it

greetings from
Dieter Huber


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Von: alessandro.fusariZs... [mailto:alessandro.fusariZs...]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 27. Marz 2002 11:02
Betreff: new system as db copy


our developer ask me to make a new system from a prod copy system due a new
customizing project. This project is very hard and they want to test
out-side out standard r/3 landscape. I think that a db copy is a good
procedute to make that into a speparet iSerires server. They also want to
release some tasks to import, after end project, into developer and test
system ... and if is it ok into production system, as well tasks from oss.
How can I setup a system to do that ? I think if I set a system as dbcopy,
single system into se06 the release are in local mode only.

Alessandro Fusari
Vemer Siber Group

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