05482 - SQL0913 on table TSP02 ?

05482 - SQL0913 on table TSP02 ?

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SQL0913 on table TSP02 ?

Just for information: we experienced some 913's on TSP02 a few weeks ago and
eventually tracked them down to incomplete programming: an ABAPer was
"breaking" on a field (forcing a new, separate report when a field value
changed), but they weren't doing a "COMMIT" at that point. It appeared that
enough of the report existed for the spool to try to print it, but without the
COMMIT, the print attempt was unsuccessful. We added the "COMMIT" and the
problem went away.

Jim Doll, Perrigo

>>> volker.gueldenpfennigZs... 03/27/02 04:37AM >>>
Hi all,

if you should encounter SQL0913 (-913) on the table TSO02 in the spool area
you might want to have a look to the note 506089. This should prevent
further SQL0913s in this area.



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