05484 - BW and Intel machine

05484 - BW and Intel machine

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BW and Intel machine

Hi Amorim,

I can only give you a reply for the second part of your question:
It is not a problem to run SAP R3 on iSeries and BW or some other product on
NT or somewhere else. This is connected via RFC which is codepage



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From: Rubens Amorim [mailto:amorimZh...]
Sent: Mittwoch, 27. März 2002 12:14
Subject: BW and Intel machine

Hello to all,

I have two AS/400 that run SAP, now the company would like to install BW but
the manager ask me if a server Dell PowerEdge 2500 with one
processor(1.4MHz) and 2GB RAM is suffcient. I have a database with 30 GB and
the BW will be accessed for 10 users.

Anybody know if this server will support this and I would like to know if I
have any problem to integrade a Intel machine(BW) with AS/400.


Amorim Rubens

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