05487 - BW and Intel machine

05487 - BW and Intel machine

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BW and Intel machine

Hi Amorim,

you must get the BW production system sized "in the usual way", as for any
SAP system, using the quick sizer and your hardware partner.

But a single cpu on any architecture will not give you a very powerful
system, and so response times will probably be poor, even for only 10 users.

I guess if you are just "playing around" with BW, then a small (and very
cheap) machine like this will be a start; you could always replace it with a
larger / faster Poweredge system if you need to.

Maybe use this system as a development area, and see what performance is
like before committing to a production system? But even then I'd strongly
recommend at least a 2 processer system as a minimum. And BW is very memory
intensive, so consider more than 2GB if you can.

And remember on BW the desktop PC system and network have a very strong
influence on overall performance - it isn't a thin client like the SAPgui.

Regards, Peter.

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Subject: BW and Intel machine

Hello to all,

I have two AS/400 that run SAP, now the company would like to install BW but
the manager ask me if a server Dell PowerEdge 2500 with one
processor(1.4MHz) and 2GB RAM is suffcient. I have a database with 30 GB and
the BW will be accessed for 10 users.

Anybody know if this server will support this and I would like to know if I
have any problem to integrade a Intel machine(BW) with AS/400.


Amorim Rubens

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