05488 - SQL0913 on table TSP02 ?

05488 - SQL0913 on table TSP02 ?

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SQL0913 on table TSP02 ?


Thank you for posting this information!
We have been chasing this issue (without success) for about 2-3 months
We had not opened an OSS message yet because I was having a difficult time just
trying to identify the circumstances when the error occurred.

Thanks again!

Doreen Anderson
Ball Horticultural Company
(630) 231-3600 x3214

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Subject: SQL0913 on table TSP02 ?

Hi all,

if you should encounter SQL0913 (-913) on the table TSO02 in the spool area
you might want to have a look to the note 506089. This should prevent
further SQL0913s in this area.



Have a look to our homepage at:

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