05514 - Many short dumps

05514 - Many short dumps

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Many short dumps

Hi Volker,

Ok, I can understood your advice and I will follow it next time which
problem occur.

About regeneration of loads, we execute them to accelerate loads of
programs, after cleaning sql packs, system returns very slow and
prejudice users at operation. But why are you asking me this, are
there any problems generating loads after deletion of packs?


--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Gueldenpfennig, Volker"
<volker.gueldenpfennigZs...> wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> then I would say, you should wait if it reoccurs after V5R1
upgrade. Then
> you should open a ticket and let me know immediately. Perhaps I
could logon
> to your system during the crash already.
> Otherwise, we should at least collect the joblogs and dev-traces.
Copy the
> dev-traces to another directory and start the SAP system with
> in order to keep the spoolfiles.
> Then we should have a look.
> I can understand that it may be necessary to delete the SQL packs,
but why
> do you have to regenerate the loads ????
> Regards
> Volker
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> Sent: Mittwoch, 27. März 2002 18:49
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> Subject: Re: Many short dumps
> Hi Volker,
> Yes, I think like you, this is not normal and is terrible for IT
> department stopping the system at full operation time! But this
> is old, since we entered in production.
> Every 3 through 6 months this problem backs. I opened a ticket at
> and we received as solution doing this procedures because an
> of SQL packages. Since this, we need stopping system and do tasks.
> The last oportunity I opened a new ticket and the consultant said
> which this is not a problem and to solve this question we must to
> open a service support due to be a consulting service.
> Well, I can't see abnormal operations and messages in SM21, just
> dumps arises. On dev_wXX files there are many error messages.
> Actually we are in TC01198 (CUM) and DB-fixpack #9. Note: In two
> weeks we will upgrade to V5R1.
> Andre

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