05518 - CPI1466 during Backup

05518 - CPI1466 during Backup

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CPI1466 during Backup

Hi Franz,

I don't think, that you are doing something wrong. I think, this message
occurs at QSYSOPR and is generated with 30000 locks. Do you really use 4.6C
or another thing with more than 30000 objects in ?

In BRMS you should have a look to your controlgroup. There is either
specified *SYNCLIB or *LIB. I would recommend to use *LIB there.



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we save our PRD lib also while the system is up, but we use BRMS to backup
with option 'Save-While-Active = *Yes' which I assume is in it's
functionality comparable to *SAVACT (LIB).
We never received msg CPI1466 - did we something wrong?


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