05519 - ASPs

05519 - ASPs

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Hello Jay,
I may suggest adding an additional ASP for each productive SID in a system.
The reason is for performance. An example of how this can affect
performance can be found at a recent visit I made to a customer. The
customer's average change/commit time was about 14ms which I thought was
high. They had a separate asp for their journal receivers, but it was part
of a raid set. We took the disk drives out of the raid-5 raid set and made
the asp journalled. The result was that the change commit times were cut in
half to 7 ms. We then added an additional pair of drives to the mirrored
asp2 so there were 2 drives that the database manger could use for
journaling performance and the change/commit times were cut to an average of
1 ms. This is one of the major factors that helped improve performance for
many jobs on the system.

The result of the first change to the asp configuration was to help the
system more efficiently use the disk drive arms for writing of journal
entries. The result of the second change was to allow the system to write
to disks in parallel which cuts contention for the journal.

Best regards,

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Hi SAP on System i,

We plan to run production instances of BW and SEM in one partition. Is it
recommended to have a separate journal receiver ASP for each SAP instance,
that is system ASP, ASP2 (BW) and ASP3 (SEM) or is it enough that BW and SEM
would share one ASP for journalling?


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