05541 - OS/DB migration, heterogeneous DB-copy, alternative approaches (cheaper)

05541 - OS/DB migration, heterogeneous DB-copy, alternative approaches (cheaper)

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OS/DB migration, heterogeneous DB-copy, alternative approaches (cheaper)

Hi Peter,

nearly everything what Dieter is correct. So, you might not have to
pay the 8000 EUR, but you definetely should use the official
migration tools. Especially because you have to convert the database
from EBCDIC to ASCII as well.
There is only one more thing. You ALWAYS need a certified migration
consultant. Only for PRD systems you need as well the special
services from SAP.

But in any case it is not too easzy to do this project in general.
Please do NOT forget to test the migrated system after the first
migreation test!



--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Dieter Huber" <dieter.huberZb...> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> if you migrate a non-productive R/3 system to another plattform (OS
> DB) there is no fee and there is no need to do this by a certified
> If you migrate a productive R/3 system from one plattform to
another (OS
> and/or DB) you had to inform SAP and had to set up a project. This
> must be accompanied by a certified BC-Consultant meaning a by SAP
> BC-Consultant (for this R/3 release) with additional certification
> migration. This must be.
> The migration key itself is for free, also the migration tools are
for free.
> But there are 3 migration sessions (like the going live sessions)
which must
> be done. This sessions costs 8000 EUR. But if you have a 17 % R/3
> maintenance these sessions are also for free if you not have
claimed other
> sessions (like EarlyWatch, GoingLive etc.) in the same year.
> Don't take this migration project as a very simple project. It
takes about
> 10 to 20 days.
> Yours
> Dieter Huber
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> Betreff: OS/DB migration, heterogeneous DB-copy,
> alternative approaches (cheaper)
> I have a customer who is planning an "OS/DB migration" (also known
> "heterogeneous database copy") of his SAP R/3 systems from AS/400
to NT.
> As far as I know, the only reliable _and_ recognized[1] process is,
> to have this done by a consultant who is certified for this sort of
> operations,
> using the tool obtained from SAP AG,
> with the license,
> and paying not just the consultant, but also a EUR 8000 license fee
> [1]By "recognized" I mean, recognized by SAP, so that they cannot
> that the "new" SAPsystem is unsupported.
> The customer says that some other service providers have offered a
> different approach -
> the important difference being that the omission of the EUR 8000
> My question is:
> - Are there other approaches on the market?
> - Are they reliable?
> - Are the resultant SAPsystems still supported by SAP AG?
> - Are the people who provide these services competent? (I have heard
> horror stories about failed migrations.)
> Have a look to our homepage at:
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