05559 - CRM

05559 - CRM

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Hi Fernando,

you install CRM 3.0A (6.10 based technology) as a new SAP system with
a new SID. Note 443925 describes how MCOD can work on iSeries. You
can install as many SAP systems "as you like" on one iSeries System.

But you don't "NEED" a seperate R3 System if you want to get the in
the CRM necessary data from somewhere else.



--- In SAP on System iZy..., "fplazavi" <fplazaviZy...> wrote:
> Hi, i'm starting with the CRM... but i have any doubts..
> Is possible install the CRM in one Box (all the components in one
> system)?
> Is possible install the CRM without a SAP R3?
> Thank.
> Fernando Plaza.

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