05563 - Yahoo & Spam

05563 - Yahoo & Spam

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consolut & Spam

Hi Matt,

thanks for this useful information!

Really unbelievable! But, that's the price for a free service, isn't it ?



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Subject: consolut & Spam

If you have a consolut account (for example, you use consolut email, clubs,
or groups), be aware that consolut has recently set all of
your "marketing preferences" to "Yes".

This includes the possibility of being contacted by regular mail or
by phone, if you have included that info in your account. It most
definitely includes getting email ads/spam.

You must change these settings to "No" if you don't want this to

Log into consolut at
Click "Account Info" in the upper right corner
Click "Edit your marketing preferences"
Change your settings as needed
Click "Save changes"


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Have a look to our homepage at:

Your use of consolut is subject to

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