05566 - SAPconnect

05566 - SAPconnect

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Hi Christine,

SAPconnect is just the Communication-Interface to extern System's
like FAX,EDI,B2B etc.
most of times it's easy to implement and the settings are realy
easy going too.
We use also a extern FAX-System to send bill's etc. to our customer.
most important is, if your FAX-Software is certified with SAP and the
interface SAPconnect.
By the way we use the Product TWINFAX from the company VALUESOFT.

Best Regards
Thomas Lindner
AS/400 R/3 BASIS
--- In SAP on System iZy..., "cwscout88" <christinekZy...> wrote:
> Good Afternoon Fellow Basis Wizards,
> I was wondering if any of you have ever worked with SAPconnect
> before? My company is thinking of buying/integrating it and I was
> just wondering what is involved on my side; the basis side. We
> currently use RightFax and would like to perhaps add on SAPconnect
> that faxes can be streamed to specific user folders instead of the
> current system where they all go into one folder. Also, we are
> hoping that SAPconnect will also send a message to the users SAP IN
> Box if their outgoing fax fails.
> Thanks for your help,
> Christine

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