05586 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

05586 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

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Hi New Toolbox,

there are no majaor improvements in SAVR3SYS as this command will not be
developed further.
We made minor change a few weeks ago and put out the SAVF with V4R5, but
this is not of any interest for you.

Unfortunately there is no way to change the behaviour when using *END. So,
it will always work that way as you described.
But the question would be:
Why do you prefer the other way, your idea just increases the offlione time.
The backup will be in any case consistent even when SAP is started in

SPTH problem:
What SPTH did you change in what library ?
You should use CALL R3SID400/R3INLPGM before the SAVR3SYS in order to have
to approppiate LIBL, then it really should work fine.



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Subject: SAVR3SYS on V4R4

Hi list,

... I'm gaming into a "trash" system to test SAVR3SYS command.
R/3 is 31I release and OS/400 is V4R4M0 with last SAP apar applaied.
I try into console to run SAVR3SYS with R3STS(*END). I understand that
with R3STS(*END) R/3 will be down until each seve commands ( ifs SAV
command and SAVLIB R3<SID>DATA ) are comleted, but when I run it: R/3
go down, ifs SAV, a sync message, R/3 start, and SAVLIB started. I
prefered that R/3 stay end status until SAVLIB. How can I do it with
SAVR3SYS command ?

Other question ... I compiled SPTH table but SAVR3SYS ingnore my
records and it try to save the default SPTH table entries.

I try to "upgrade" my SAVR3SYS command from sapserv3 but the APYR3FIX
can't do that because the SAVF is on hight OS/400 version ... is it
true ? where can I download a V4R4 compatible version ? In the past I
download SAVR3SYS from sapserv3.
In the next weeks I planed to upgrade to V4R5.

Have a look to our homepage at:

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