05588 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

05588 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

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Hi list,

Thank you Volker.

> there are no majaor improvements in SAVR3SYS as this command will
> not be
> developed further.
> We made minor change a few weeks ago and put out the SAVF with
> V4R5, but
> this is not of any interest for you.


> Unfortunately there is no way to change the behaviour when using
> *END. So,
> it will always work that way as you described.

Ok, so I've understand not well. SAVR3SYS R3STS (*END) do:

1- stopsap
2- sav
3- sync message
4- startsap
5- savlib

> But the question would be:
> Why do you prefer the other way, your idea just increases the
> offlione time.

I prefered a "dedicate" backup status due a "very consistent" backup.

> The backup will be in any case consistent even when SAP is started
> in between.

Ok, if is it I use SAVR3SYS in that mode btw. Can I use a SAVR3SYS
backup tapes to a system copy ?

> SPTH problem:
> What SPTH did you change in what library ?
> You should use CALL R3SID400/R3INLPGM before the SAVR3SYS in order
> to have
> to approppiate LIBL, then it really should work fine.

I want to use a CLP due daily backup procedure with ....

STRREPORT <---- that to run a report to send a system message
as "Please Log-oug"
STRREPORT <---- to send a message as "backup ended..."

is it OK ?
Anyone know a report to send a break message into R/3 as SM02 ?


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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