05589 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

05589 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

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Hi Ganimede,

You wrote:
>Ok, so I've understand not well. SAVR3SYS R3STS (*END) do:
>1- stopsap
>2- sav
>3- sync message
>4- startsap
>5- savlib

That is not what is happening here.
Option 1, 2 and 3 are OK, but then SAVLIB starts with SAV-WHILE-ACTIVE, even
when there is nothing active. As soon as the commit-point is reached (about
after 15-45 minutes), what is no problem, because SAP is still down, the SAP
system is started up asynchronously by a before submitted job.
As the checkpoint was before, this will become a complete "offline" backup.
You shoud know that iSeries is not able to make a real online backup as
known from other database before V5R3. So, you can restore this backup (and
EVERY complete backup o iSeries) without any problems without the need to
have the journal-receivers as well in order to get a consistent database.



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