05591 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

05591 - SAVR3SYS on V4R4

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Here a small description on SPTH:

Maintaining table SPTH:
First go into transaction SM31, edit table SPTH, add the IFS directory all
to be omitted during the backup (most of these will be captured during the
full backup
in option 21). We omit the following libraries:
* (this represents the IFS)
/q* (or list them individually)
/sapmnt/<SID>/global (include this for each SID in the system you
are backing up)
/usr/sap/<SID>/dvebmgsNN/log (include this for each SID in the system you
are backing up)
/usr/sap/<SID>/dvebmgsNN/work (include this for each SID in the system you
are backing up)

There will be a check box next to each entry in the table, check only what
you want to include
in the backup, which in this case is *, then the directories following it
will be omitted.

So, you see, that you needn't "compile" anything here. Either you use SM31
or UPDDTA for this. If you want to include the directory, you should mark
the field SAVEFLAG with a 'X'.
All excluded directories stay empty in the field SAVEFLAG.



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Hi list,

> SPTH problem:
> What SPTH did you change in what library ?

SPTH into R3<SID>DATA, is it OK ? Is there correct syntax to compile
this table ? I ask that because into this table there are some fields
as flegs, ecc. I don't be able to find docu about.

> I want to use a CLP due daily backup procedure with ....
> STRREPORT <---- that to run a report to send a system message
as:"Please Log-oug"
> STRREPORT <---- to send a message as "backup ended..."

Can anyone post a clp source of your backup procedure ?


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