05601 - Twinax Printers and SAP

05601 - Twinax Printers and SAP

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Twinax Printers and SAP


We are looking at some old AS/400 line printers and trying to find out what
kind of real use they will be on a SAP system.

Assuming the client goes SAP on AS/400 has anyone been able to use any of these
twinax printers usefully.

IBM 4234
IBM 4245 D20
IBM 6262
IBM 4224

If the client does not go AS/400 then I think the printers will be scrap.

The bulk of the printing will be done on a pair of Xerox 4890 Docuprints (90 &
92c) and the desktop HPiv's & V's.

Matt Milne
Freelance AS/400 SAP BASIS Consultant.

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