05602 - Twinax Printers and SAP

05602 - Twinax Printers and SAP

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Twinax Printers and SAP

Hi Matt,

it is not an issue to attach them to SAP. You can do this with device type
As this are matrix printers, there are mostly used to print long lists and
perhaps invoices in shops as well.



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Subject: Twinax Printers and SAP


We are looking at some old AS/400 line printers and trying to find out
what kind of real use they will be on a SAP system.

Assuming the client goes SAP on AS/400 has anyone been able to use any of
these twinax printers usefully.

IBM 4234
IBM 4245 D20
IBM 6262
IBM 4224

If the client does not go AS/400 then I think the printers will be scrap.

The bulk of the printing will be done on a pair of Xerox 4890 Docuprints (90
& 92c) and the desktop HPiv's & V's.

Matt Milne
Freelance AS/400 SAP BASIS Consultant.

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