05604 - Checking

05604 - Checking

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Hi Crosby,

why do you have questions there?
Didn't you receive mails ?

You could read the mails in the internet then. consolut sometimes doesn't
deliver then.
If you let me know your e-mail-adress, that you are using in consolut, I could
check for you if your account is setup properly.



-----Original Message-----
From: Crosby Sinclair [mailto:csinclaiZt...]
Sent: Montag, 8. April 2002 15:56
Subject: Checking

Is this group still in existance? I have a few question I want to pose
to the user group.

Crosby Sinclair
Basis/AS400 Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
E-mail csinclairZt...
Phone (516) 944-1337
Fax (516) 944-7505

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