05610 - Problem installing Note Assistant

05610 - Problem installing Note Assistant

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Problem installing Note Assistant

We had the same problem last week on a Unix platform. The only way
we got around it was to ftp the file again to the server, then unCAR
it and upload it again. We tried with K-46C10INSAPNOTES.CAR, which
we had used successfully before, and K-46C11INSAPNOTES.CAR, which
failed at first then eventually was successful.

Keep trying and good luck!

Claudia Pillich

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "rwc0225" <russ.cookZg...> wrote:
> I am in the final stages of completing a 46C upgrade on one of our
> systems and I have run into a problem installing the SAP Note
> Assistant add-on. The documentation states the Note Assistant must
> be re-installed prior to performing the SPAU activities. I
> downloaded the latest Note Assistant from the sap service web site
> but when I try to import in using the SAINT transaction, I get a
> DISASSEMBLE error : unable to create cofile. I went out and
> to the latest SPAM patch, TP, SAPCAR, and R3trans but I get the
> error. I am wondering if anyone else has had any luck installing
> Note Assistant on 46C on the iseries. The download for this add-on
> also had a different naming convention than other OCS packages I
> downloaded in the past. This OCS package was named
> K-46C11INSAPNOTES.CAR instead of something link SAPK46xxxx.

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