05613 - buffer synchronization

05613 - buffer synchronization

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buffer synchronization

Hi Alan,

I have seen that you recommend 'buffer reference sync time should be
set to 60 seconds.'.
In notes 14754 I saw another value for the same parameter 'Parameter
rdisp/bufreftime defines the intervals in which buffer invalidation
is carried out. The unit is seconds, the recommended value is 120. '

Could you tell me: which is best in practise? and how could I defined
the value that our system need?

Thanks and Best Regards.


the --- In SAP on System iZy..., "Olson, Clyde" <clyde.olsonZs...>
wrote:buffer reference sync time should be set to 60 seconds.
> Hello Eric,
> buffer reference sync mode is probably set to sendof,exeauto - it
should be
> sendon,exeauto.
> buffer reference sync time should be set to 60 seconds.
> That should help. By the way, the parameters need to be set the
same on all
> instances.
> Best regards,
> Alan
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> From: Erik Huot [mailto:ehuotZs...]
> Sent: Thursday, April 04, 2002 5:00 PM
> To: SAP on System iZy...
> Subject: buffer synchronization
> Hi every one,
> We have a problem and I am sure some of you faced it before.
> * User A is working in instance 1. He displays a certain record,
then gets
> out.
> * User B is working in instance 2 of the same SID. He changes
that same
> record, saves it and gets out.
> * User A doesn't see these changes even after a long period of time
> minutes).
> Is there any set-up I can modify to accelerate the buffer
synchronization in
> various instances?
> Best Regards,
> P.S. is sap400Zm... still down?
> Erik Huot
> Southshore Industries Ltd
> Have a look to our homepage at:
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