05615 - Migration from iSeries to NT

05615 - Migration from iSeries to NT

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Migration from iSeries to NT

Dependent on your installation size, you should prepare for DB admins for
DB/2, SQLserver, Oracle ... - (And they do not come cheep). When I was
evaluations it we agreed on needing atleast two DB admins (one could maybee
be parttime but would need good skills to be able to stand inn for chief DB

Klaus Lindegaard

PS: IBM is in theese days shipping a letter giving as they say a very
favorable offer if upgrading to ASCII (Unicode) - have not seen the letter
my selves yet - perhabs today

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Fra: Eppensteiner, Bruce (Exchange) [mailto:beppenstZe...]
Sendt: 8. april 2002 16:44
Emne: Migration from iSeries to NT


We're in the process of upgrading our iSeries hardware and we've been asked
to evaluate migrating to Windows NT or 2000. Does anyone have any
experiences to share about this kind of migration regarding cost/time? Also,
if anyone has done this, did you add any new people as a result of the
migration? Thanks in advance to all.

Bruce Eppensteiner
IT Applications Manager - Sales and Marketing
Essroc Cement Corp.
Nazareth PA 18064

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