05630 - Future Directions on IBM eServer iSeries

05630 - Future Directions on IBM eServer iSeries

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Future Directions on IBM eServer iSeries

Hi folks,

I'm just curious: is iSeries the only platform where database-tables have
to be converted to support GLS? I know, iSeries is the only platform that
works with EBCDIC instead of ASCII and so we need to convert to ASCII and
double-byte characters, but is UNICODE already used on the other platforms?

In the past, SAP had to fix some ABAP-codings because of the different
sort orders between EBCDIC and ASCII. I could imagine that some of these
programs have to be re-fixed to run correctly with ASCII-database-tables
on iSeries.

Kind regards,
Michael Rautenberg

SAP R/3 Systems Administrator
Van Houten GmbH & Co. KG

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Betreff: Future Directions on IBM eServer

Hi all iSeries users,

SAP and IBM sent out the following letter to all iSeries customers in order
to explain the future strategy for SAP on iSeries this week:

As this topic is relatively complex there is a special questions & answers
document available as well at:

The point of interest in the SAP Service Marketplace for questions like this
is available at:

If you do have some more questions, feel free to use this consolut group or
send a mail to the IBM SAP International Competence Center(ISICC) at:

You might want to use the following Service Marketplace Frontend as well at:
There you become a lot of interesting and current news on the homepage like
the above described and you can use a very easy way to access the SAP
Service Marketplace as well.



Have a look to our homepage at:

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