05635 - ABAP query

05635 - ABAP query

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ABAP query

You might also look at the SAP locking functionality to see if it's
applicable. Hit help in the editor and specify "lock" for the ABAP keyword
and then select SAP Locking.


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From: Jan de Rooij []
Sent: Tuesday, 09 April, 2002 4:31 AM
Subject: RE: ABAP query

Hi, Desmond,

A 'quick and dirty' trick: use a tempory file or data-area to control the
running status of a job.
Job one writes the file and deletes it at the end. Job two checks if it
exist and waits.

There might be better approaches but until then you could use it??

Kind regards

Jan de Rooij
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Onderwerp: ABAP query

Hi, group.

I have a custom-written ABAP that is performing a function where the
program should not be allowed to run parallel to itself. In other words, I
start the job ABC and it starts running in a BTC process. Another user
starts the same job and it should WAIT for the first job to finish before
continuing. I don't want to STOP the second job, but it must simply WAIT
until the first job is complete.

I have written the program to check the contents of table TBTCO as the
first step. If I find the jobname in an active state then I wait 30
and check again. I do this repeatedly until I don't find the job with an
active status, at which point I exit the loop and continue with the
processing. This method seems to cause problems, though. I find 4 or 5
waiting, but they seem to be holding up the first job that was started, so
we end up in a dead-end situation. I have to end all the subsequent jobs
allow the first one to complete and then manually start the secondary jobs

Can someone please suggest a way of getting around this?

Thanks and regards,

Des Olwage
Snr. Systems Administrator
Goodyear South Africa
Tel. +27 41 5055441
Cell. +27 82 824 6900

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