05645 - ftp from ABAP on OS/400

05645 - ftp from ABAP on OS/400

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ftp from ABAP on OS/400

Hi, Stan.

There is previous correspondence in this group regarding FTP from ABAP. I
am doing it in our system. I wrote up quite a detailed note on how we are
doing it in reply to a query. I'm sure you'll find it in the SAP on System i
group archives still.


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Goodyear South Africa
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Subject: ftp
from ABAP on OS/400
09/04/2002 16:05

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SAP on System i

I'm starting to research methods to transfer data via ftp directly from an
ABAP program on the AS/400. Our requirements include being able to ftp
either a dialog session or in background. The documentation I've found on
SAPFTP indicate that it is only available on NT or UNIX. When I run the
SAPFTP version program (RSFTP001) it displays a component of the SAPGUI
(SAPFTP.EXE) which leads me to believe that SAPFTP cannot be run from
background on OS/400. I'm headed down the path of building a function
module to run ftp via an OS/400 system command. I'll probably write my ftp
function in CL and RPG and then call it from ABAP. I am curious about the
methods others are using run ftp with ABAP on the AS/400.


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