05649 - Accessing RESB - What is the proper way?

05649 - Accessing RESB - What is the proper way?

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Accessing RESB - What is the proper way?

It was suggested to us that we should not access RESB directly due to
it being a "Cluster" table. It was suggested to use the "Index"
tables to access RESB or the "Views" into RESB. I've looked around in
the system and can not find any "Index Tables" for RESB.

My understanding of Cluster Tables is "They are tables which have
parent/child (many to one) records combined into single rows of data,
thus they are large in record number as well as large in row size.
They are used to combine the parant/child records into one row so you
only have one table instead of two".

My understanding of Pool tables is "A physical table which contain
multiple individual tables. These are used to have 1 file which
contain many logical files. Each record has a field indicating what
logical file it belongs to."

I'm guessing a index table is a real physical table which cotains the
index for another table. The index is maintained in a real file by
the application instead of the system maintaining a index.

Can someone please answer/clarify the following questions:
1. Is my understanding of Pool and Cluster files correct?
2. Is RESB a Cluster Table?
3. What is the preferred method of accessing RESB?
4. If they exist, What are the "Index" Tables for RESB?
5. Are there other "Cluster" Tables we should know about?
6. What is a index table?

We have alot of programs reading RESB and none of them are especially
fast. Before we create indexes over RESB I would like to know how we
are suppose to be acessing this file. And are there other tables we
should be aware of.

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