05655 - IDES Installation Questions

05655 - IDES Installation Questions

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IDES Installation Questions

Thanks Volker.

Plans are to install it and give it a whirl.


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Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 1:00 PM
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Subject: RE: Re: IDES Installation Questions

Hi Chris,

that's hard to say ...

It really depends on the usage of the IDES system. If this is really heavy
used, which I don't believe, it may become a big problem. On the other hand,
if your DEV/TST system is still fast and CPU is not too high, paging is
moderate and disks are available, then I would say - go ahead and give it at
least a chance.



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From: zcsugg [mailto:cgcsuggZN...]
Sent: Mittwoch, 10. April 2002 14:46
Subject: Re: IDES Installation Questions

Hello again Volker.

We are now considering installing the IDES system (46C) on our
DEV/TST AS400 system. My question now is can it handle it?

Currently, we have a 740 12-way, LPARed with DEV/TST, PRD and
control. We have 3 processors for DEV/TST and 8 for PRD. Our CPW
for DEV is 80 with a total of 1140 available. If we install the IDES
instance on the LPAR, will this affect the performance of the DEV/TST
systems? I had always heard that an instance needed atleast 1 to 2
processors to perform its best.


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<volker.gueldenpfennigZs...> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> I just installed yesterday IDES 4.6C Version 3 on iSeries and it
takes about
> 38GB diskspace there.
> The question of a different server depends on the use of this
> If you want to use this very heavyly and with a high availability,
then a
> seperate server may be necessary. On NT there is officially only
one SAP
> system on one box supported anyway. But it is not a problem to
install a
> second one, if the performance is good enough.
> If you want to install this on iSeries, this is really easy. I just
> a bit in the iSeries 4.6C SR2 istallation template, mounted the DVD
and the
> installation was dones in about 3-4 hours.
> As this is really a pure R3 system with "a bit" data already in it
(an empty
> 4.6C system is about 17 GB) there is really no big special
> necessary.
> Regards
> Volker
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> From: zcsugg [mailto:cgcsuggZn...]
> Sent: Freitag, 5. April 2002 17:42
> To: SAP on System iZy...
> Subject: IDES Installation Questions
> We are making plans to install the 46C IDES system. Our LAN guys
> a few questions concerning the install and I was wondering what you
> guys had done with your installations. I have sent OSS a note also.
> The information we are looking for is what are the specific
> and software requirements that SAP recommends for IDES to run on.
> Are there any special NT Server configurations we need to know
> about?
> Does SAP recommend running it on a standalone server?
> Any help would be great.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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Have a look to our homepage at:

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