05691 - Reorganization table ACCTHD

05691 - Reorganization table ACCTHD

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Reorganization table ACCTHD


you might have a look with WRKOBJLCK on this table, if nobody is by any
chance creating the index at the moment. Otherwise it could be duplicates in
your table. Then the index can't be created because of uniqueness and you
should try the repair option for case a)



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Subject: Reorganization table ACCTHD


I executed the reorganization of the table ACCTHD and it´s occurring
a dump with the message: SQL error -7008
occurred when accessing table ACCTHD. The code reason in the joblog is
9. I read the note 116192. This note say that I have the proccess the
reorganizatioin again and verify the joblog . I made a reorganization and
there was an error. I made reorganization again and no errors occurs. So I
started the sap, but the error is continuing.
does any people know how can I solve this problem?


Mauro Valle
Musashi do Brasil Ltda.

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