05693 - Reorganization table ACCTHD

05693 - Reorganization table ACCTHD

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Reorganization table ACCTHD

Hi Jim,

I verified now the EDTRBDAT and there aren´t paths being rebuilt. But
thanks for your help.


Mauro Valle

"Jim Doll"

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12/04/02 table ACCTHD



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If I read it right, 7008 means that it isn't available. Is it possible
that the access paths are still being rebuilt? EDTRBDAP should show that.

We've had similar problems during a refresh: the restore is complete, so
we try to run the AS4FIXFILE and it fails because the access path for a
file is still being rebuilt.

Hope it helps...

Jim Doll, Perrigo

>>> mauroZm... 04/12/02 12:34PM >>>

I executed the reorganization of the table ACCTHD and it s occurring
a dump with the message: SQL error -7008
occurred when accessing table ACCTHD. The code reason in the joblog is
9. I read the note 116192. This note say that I have the proccess the
reorganizatioin again and verify the joblog . I made a reorganization and
there was an error. I made reorganization again and no errors occurs. So I
started the sap, but the error is continuing.
does any people know how can I solve this problem?


Mauro Valle
Musashi do Brasil Ltda.

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