05695 - ftp from ABAP on OS/400

05695 - ftp from ABAP on OS/400

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ftp from ABAP on OS/400

Hi Stan,

We have one application requiring FTP from ABAP, but everything is
written in RPG & CL and just executed via system commands. In
hindsight more of the application could have been written in ABAP
such as building the command strings to go in the input file, and
then just the actual FTP command executed. Its not very SAP-like,
but it works.

Phillip Pugh
Webco Industries

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "MCPARTLAND, Stan"
<stanley.mcpartlandZb...> wrote:
> I'm starting to research methods to transfer data via ftp directly
from an
> ABAP program on the AS/400. Our requirements include being able to
ftp from
> either a dialog session or in background. The documentation I've
found on
> SAPFTP indicate that it is only available on NT or UNIX. When I
run the
> SAPFTP version program (RSFTP001) it displays a component of the
> (SAPFTP.EXE) which leads me to believe that SAPFTP cannot be run
> background on OS/400. I'm headed down the path of building a
> module to run ftp via an OS/400 system command. I'll probably
write my ftp
> function in CL and RPG and then call it from ABAP. I am curious
about the
> methods others are using run ftp with ABAP on the AS/400.
> TIA,
> Stan

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