05698 - BFC0005 - SAVR3SYS

05698 - BFC0005 - SAVR3SYS

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as I know, this is more or less quite normal.
But, we would recommend to run *RUN instead of *END because of the buffers
in SAP.



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Subject: BFC0005 - SAVR3SYS

Hi list,

after your advices I test SAVR3SYS command into my trash system. I
upgrade the system from V4R4 to V4R5 and install SAVR3SYS from OSS.
APYR3FIX fails beacuse it can't find README file. so I RSTLIB-ing from
the savf, I create a msgq into QUSRSYS lib and GRTOBJAUT at this.
I run SAVR3SYS as <SID>OFR with R3STS(*END). It runs well ... at the
end of procedure I see this message after CHKTAP :

BFC0005 - Invalid function specified

I'm looking for into joblog but no error find: each command end
succesful without errors.

Can I set CHKTAP with ENDOPT(*UNLOAD) ? I've a 3570-B12 as a backup
device and it's very nice each morning to have all unloaded taps.


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