05715 - Deleting a large Client

05715 - Deleting a large Client

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Deleting a large Client


Why don't you try deleting the client on the OS level and not from
SAPGui (i.e. SCC5)?

Here are the steps. If for example you plan to delete client 30, log
on at the OS level as <SID>OFR and change directory (i.e. chdir)
to /usr/sap/trans/bin. Then using an editor like edtf or any editor
you're familiar with, create a file called delcli (you can use any
name you want), with the following text:


Save the file and execute the command:

r3trans -w delcli.log -u 1 delcli

I have tried these steps a number of times and it's a lot faster and
better then deleting a client from SAPGui. This is how I delete a
client in SAP 3.1H, not sure if there are better ways in the later

Best regards,
Jerry Escobia
Sarawak Shell Berhad
Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "zcsugg" <cgcsuggZn...> wrote:
> We are trying to delete a large client and are running into disk
> space issues. We are at 82% of disk usage on our AS400 and with
> delete executing (SCC5), it keeps rising. Does anyone know what
> be done to keep it down while the delete is going on or another way
> other than SCC5 to delete the client? I have looked at the R3TRANS
> tool with 'Clientremove' parm but I am not usre if this would make
> difference of not.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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