05717 - Deleting a large Client

05717 - Deleting a large Client

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Deleting a large Client


Why don't you try deleting the client on the OS level and not from
SAPGui (i.e. SCC5)? I always delete my SAP client from the OS level
and the performance is a lot better.

Here are the steps. If for example you plan to delete client 30, log
on at the OS level as <SID>OFR and change directory (i.e. chdir)
to /usr/sap/trans/bin. Then using an editor like edtf or any editor
you're familiar with, create a file called delcli (you can use any
name you want), with the following text:


Save the file and execute the command:

r3trans -w delcli.log -u 1 delcli

I have tried these steps a number of times and it's a lot faster and
better then deleting a client from SAPGui. This is how I delete a
client in 3.1H, not sure if there are better ways in the later

Best regards,
Jerry Escobia
Sarawak Shell Berhad

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "zcsugg" <cgcsuggZn...> wrote:
> We are trying to delete a large client and are running into disk
> space issues. We are at 82% of disk usage on our AS400 and with
> delete executing (SCC5), it keeps rising. Does anyone know what
> be done to keep it down while the delete is going on or another way
> other than SCC5 to delete the client? I have looked at the R3TRANS
> tool with 'Clientremove' parm but I am not usre if this would make
> difference of not.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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