05725 - Deleting a large Client

05725 - Deleting a large Client

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Deleting a large Client

Hello Volker/Colleagues.

Thanks for all the help with deleting clients. I had used the R3TRANS
command only once before to delete a client. Using SCC5, I had never had a
problem since the database was always small. I will look into using R3TRANS
to delete the client now.

Thanks again to everyone,

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Hi Chris,

you definetely should give the R3TRANS solution a chance. It works really
fast and at least in a non-busy system, it should be possible to delete the
journal receivers soon, because the commit-boundaries are small only.
That's why it increased. YOu have to see, that every deleted row, has to
become written into the journal.
If you are able to backup the journal receivers several times a day during
this period it was fine, otherwise I would recommend, to manually delete
them (or set them to auto-delete) during this time. Unfortunately you then
would give up the possibility of point-in-time-recovery. So, you have to

Be sure, not forget, to remove the auto-delete of the *JRNRCVs afterwards!
After everything, you shouldn't forget RGZPF on the largest tables, because
otherwise the database won't become smaller. You can do this in the
meantime, when SAP is up, but I would recommend to do this only on V5R1 and
only during low system usage, because of possible delays at big tables.



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Subject: RE: Deleting a large Client

We are trying to delete a large client and are running into disk
space issues. We are at 82% of disk usage on our AS400 and with the
delete executing (SCC5), it keeps rising. Does anyone know what can
be done to keep it down while the delete is going on or another way
other than SCC5 to delete the client? I have looked at the R3TRANS
tool with 'Clientremove' parm but I am not usre if this would make a
difference of not.


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