05727 - Message server service sapmsD01 not defined

05727 - Message server service sapmsD01 not defined

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Message server service sapmsD01 not defined


A database copy can be made on a brand new As/400
without the original CDs. The first step is to create
R3OWNER next create the SID directory in /tmp, restore
the library R3SETUP, place a copy of your kernel in a
SAVF, and then the key is simple need to rewrite the
script file DBR3CP.R3S to load the kernel from the

If you restore the kernel library you can set the
status of the load_krn to OK and the loading the
kernel will be skipped.

Of course you still need your data library on tape.

The restore proceedure is to run R3SETUP '-f /tmp/SID/

I've done this close to 100 times and never had a
problem caused by copying a database.


--- Matt Milne <mattmilneZe...> wrote:
> Volker
> >>>>
> first, be aware, that this homogenious systemcopy
> you did is absoultely NOT
> supported at all!!!
> >>>>>
> Thanks for the e-mail. This system copy is designed
> to create a test system
> so we can run a 3.1i to 4.6c upgrade.
> >>>>
> Probably this SAP system is NOT the first one on
> this iSeries, because
> otherwise I think a lot more TCP/IP ports would
> miss, but check at least the
> following:
> wrkrpyle
> 3201 CPA32B2 I *NONE
> >>>>>>
> Yes, I have a PRD system on the same box that I have
> already run a test
> upgrade from 3.1i to 4.6c.
> >>>>
> I think, I would strongly recommend CRTR3SYS and
> CRTR3INST on this box with
> the appropiate values.
> >>>>>
> Yes I ran these already along with CRTSAPUSR etc to
> get the system working.
> This does raise an interesteing point though. In our
> case we are just
> creating SAP systems to test upgrades but logically
> it is like we lost an
> SAP system and had to recreate from backup on a
> fresh box. Given a situation
> where the client lost a SAP system (for what ever
> reason) and had to
> re-create from backup tapes is there a proceedure ?
> The notes seemed to
> assume that we had the original 3.1i install disks.
> The technique to do a database copy is well
> established but it does assume
> that there is a working SAP system of the same
> release on the target box.
> What do people do when they get handed a set of
> tapes wih just the SAP
> libraries and a SAV of the \usr\sap\<SID> files ? ie
> not a SAVE 21 backup
> but just a backup of the SAP objects.
> This could be the situation after some kind of
> physical disaster. The person
> might not have the original SAP install CD's
> available and be unable to wait
> several days for a set.
> Matt Milne
> Freelance SAP AS/400 BASIS Consultant
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