05732 - Disaster Recovery only using backup tapes for an AS/400 SAP system

05732 - Disaster Recovery only using backup tapes for an AS/400 SAP system

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Disaster Recovery only using backup tapes for an AS/400 SAP system

We are in the midst of building our full Business Recovery Plan

I have a documented "but not tested" procedure for an empty iSeries

We signed a 5yr contracted for hotsite services last month

The test of our plan is scheduled for August; at that time, since we will have
"been there done that" I will be able to post our procedure

Doreen Anderson
Ball Horticultural Company
(630) 231-3600 x3214

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Subject: Disaster Recovery only using backup tapes for an AS/400
SAP system


Some of the group have asked me about how a company recovers their SAP
system from just backup tapes. So I want to start a thread on disaster
recovery. i.e. what do you do when all you have left is a SAVR3SYS backup
(or just the libraries and IFS directories on tape) and a virgin AS/400 with
no SAP installed and no SAP install disks. It is probably fairly easy to get
4.6c install disks quickly but many sites are are at earlier releases and
may not be able to wait for 3.x or early 4.x install CD's. If they are
available then one could do a scratch install and then a database copy.

So lets assume that we have an as/400 with no trace of SAP and a full
SAVR3SYS backup (or equivalent)including

/usr/sap/<sid> IFS files
R3<sid>data lib
Kernel lib
R3<sid>400 lib
R3WRK<instance number>
R3SYS lib
R3400 lib ( only holds SAPOSCOL objects)

We can create the JRN lib and ignore the SQL package libraries. We can set
up the TMS later.

My thought would be that you would have to load these libraries and
directories. Then CFGTCP to set up the TCP-IP configuration to the SAP
standard, probably make the machine look like the (now deceased) original
box. Volker and Jim Doll have given some information about what is required
to set the TCP-IP services.

And then run

CRTR3USR user(*INST) sid(xxx) instance(nn)

where xxx is your <sid> and nn is your instance number

and then run

CRTR3INST sid(xxx)

to create the system objects.

Has anyone had to go through this exercise in real life ?
Given some of the stuff happening in the world right now it does no harm to
have a "worst case plan" on file somewhere.

Matt Milne
Freelance SAP AS/400 BASIS consultant

Matt Milne
SAP BASIS Consultant
818 400 9799

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