05759 - Transport Log

05759 - Transport Log

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Transport Log

Hi Ramon,

Where is your treans dir located ?

You could change the TCP/IP-Attribute if your trans-dir is located on a
different host as follows:

how large is the transport buffer ?

did you use tp 'clearold' ?

There might be an enhancement with a new TP/R3TRANS from SAP, that we are
developing at the moment, because of a bad SQL, but I don't know if this
helps in your area as well. What kernel are you on ?



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From: Mora, Ramon [mailto:rmoraZp...]
Sent: Mittwoch, 17. April 2002 15:24
To: ''
Subject: Transport Log


I have the following questions about transport, next month we're going to
implement and introduce the new MRP area and we have at least 170 transport

1. We did import all these requests in our Q/A environment and it took us
at least 16 hours to complete. Do you have any suggestion on how can we
speed this process in Production system?
2. Is there any performance issues if the PRD buffer is in DEV IFS and
if there is how can we move this buffer and is this going to create any
problem in the next SAP upgrades?
3. For some reason some transport run faster in Q/A system and take more
time in Production system is there any logs I can check?

System Information:
SAP Release 4.6B
Hot Pack: 07
Kernel Release: 4.6D with patch level 922

AS400: 840 -12 way (LPAR)
OS400: V5R1M0

Q/A CPU: 2
Memory: 2.5 GB

Memory 14.5


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