05772 - Can R3<sid>data store in ASP2

05772 - Can R3<sid>data store in ASP2

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Can R3<sid>data store in ASP2

Good day everyone,

We brought in a 820 (V5R1) for our DEV & QAS migration
from 720 (V4R5). Anyhow, we would like to take this
opportunity to test out 4.0B behaviour with V5R1 and
make sure no big drama before upgrading 720 to V5R1
then physically move the disks and other parts to 820.

Unfortunately, 820 hasn't got enough initial disk
space for a full copy of test system. We are thinking
allocate more disks to ASP2 and compress it for
R3<SID>data library to sit in and inversely set up
Journal Library in ASP1.

My question is "Is it feasible to have R3<SID>data
Library running in ASP2 and with this configuration
will it conflict with the R/3 initial set up during
the installation."

Best Regards,
Michael Kwok
Sony Australia Limited
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