05773 - Transport Log

05773 - Transport Log

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Transport Log

Hi Ramon,

How are you currently doing transports? CL or TMS?
I don't want to start a big debate here, just want to let you
know we set up TMS and use TMS before we are hit with large amounts
of TPs(usually 4:55pm on a Friday). Just transport the whole queue.
We've saved countless hours with this method. I understand some like
it some dont - it works very well for us.


Philip Stracener
CV Industries

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Mora, Ramon" <rmoraZp...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have the following questions about transport, next month we're
going to
> implement and introduce the new MRP area and we have at least 170
> requests:
> 1. We did import all these requests in our Q/A environment and it
took us
> at least 16 hours to complete. Do you have any suggestion on how
can we
> speed this process in Production system?
> 2. Is there any performance issues if the PRD buffer is in DEV
IFS and
> if there is how can we move this buffer and is this going to create
> problem in the next SAP upgrades?
> 3. For some reason some transport run faster in Q/A system and
take more
> time in Production system is there any logs I can check?
> System Information:
> SAP Release 4.6B
> Hot Pack: 07
> Kernel Release: 4.6D with patch level 922
> AS400: 840 -12 way (LPAR)
> OS400: V5R1M0
> Q/A CPU: 2
> Memory: 2.5 GB
> PRD CPU: 6
> Memory 14.5
> Thanks

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