05779 - ... if is a good idea

05779 - ... if is a good idea

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... if is a good idea

Hi list,

each time I want to know what kind of servrs configuration the other list
user has got. I want that so if I have a problem with a certain
configuration I can compare with other configartion and ask to the BC Admin
an advice if he wants. Or in hardware upgrade case we can make an idea
about the hardware paymant 🙂
Into consolut groops there is a "Database" link so we can create a table with
some fileds with our server configuration, for example: iSeries model,
OS/400 release, R/3 release, db size, dasd, main memory, CPU n, number of
users, project ended, tape model, BC admin mail address of course ... I
prefered do not post company info but if you think is a good idea: OK. At
the end we can have a R/3 on iSeries custumer map.

Alessandro Fusari
Vemer Siber Group

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