05780 - Potential SAP Virus.

05780 - Potential SAP Virus.

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Potential SAP Virus.

Hi Marcelo,

I read OSS-note 512595 as well. It sounds to me like there is no concrete
threat (I don't
think there is a SAP-virus like we know it for PC's), it's more a question
of how authorities
can be misused to create malicious code by your own developers - of course a
very serious problem.

And it's so easy to do something harmful in a program - just imagine a
hidden in a big program, that deletes every row of a certain table.

But this problem is not new to IT, it has always existed. It's of essential
that you can trust your IT-staff - if you can't, you have to solve the
problem as soon as

Kind regards,
Michael Rautenberg

SAP R/3 Systems Administrator
Van Houten GmbH & Co. KG

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Von: Marcelo Lopez [mailto:mlopezZc...]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 17. April 2002 17:06
An: SAP on System i Grupo
Betreff: Potential SAP Virus.

Hi folks,
SAP published the note 512595 about potential SAP virus, that can modify SAP
ABAP programs, which can then result in system failure or data loss.
Someone have more information? Antivirus, tools for scan, etc.
Best Regards,
Marcelo Lopez

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