05785 - how can I speddup a OSS ticket ?

05785 - how can I speddup a OSS ticket ?

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how can I speddup a OSS ticket ?

Hi, Alessandro.

We upgraded from OS version 4.3 to 5.1 and one of the things I did was to
start using the 4.6D version of SAPOSCOL. Our SAP database is still 3.1I,
but I read in one of the OSS notes that I should be using the 4.6D version
of the SAPOSCOL. Ours is working fine.

Hope this helps.

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18/04/2002 08:32 Subject: RE: how
can I speddup a OSS ticket ?
Please respond

to SAP on System i

Hi list,

>What AS400 release you are on?
After upgrade to V5R1, we have
some trouble
>with SAPOSCOL. On our
production system, SAPOSCOL stop
collecting data the

On one server V4R5M0 with last
sap apar applaied, and the
second in V4R4M0 with last apar
sap applaied ... I've plan an
upgrade previus week but
SAPOSCOL problem stop me.
I've the same problem on each
If you have upgrade to V5R1 ...
what is your previus version ?
After upggrade have you some
performance modification in R/3
usage ? What is your iSeries
model ?

>other day. I stop it but
couldn't start it again. Then I
followed oss note
>392165 to rebuild userspace,
restart SAP. It works since

Yester afternoon OSS support is
connectet to my system and now
they patch SAPOSCOL in few
weeks. Now I replace the previus
kernel library as LODR3KRN,
after that SAPOSCOL works well.
BTW in OS/400 Upgrade case thare
is an other interesting OSS
notes: 175852, that is about AUT
in two obj: QSYS/QPMLPFRD and

Alessandro Fusari
Vemer Siber Group

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