05803 - SAPconnect

05803 - SAPconnect

rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time   SUBST_MERGE_LIST - merge external lists to one complete list with #if... logic for R3up  
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Hello Fellow Saplings,

I was wondering if any of you use SAPconnect in your companies? My company
is thinking of purchasing the add on component to use with RightFax but I
wanted to gather some information first. Does anyone think SAPconnect is
worth every penny or not worth a cent? Can you point me to others who use
it so that I may ask them of their opinion of SAPconnect? Lastly,
approximately what is the expense to obtain SAPconnect and can anyone point
me in a Sales company direction to purchase it? I have been calling two
different companies with ZERO results.

Thanks for your Help!!!!

Christine A. Kramlich
Yorktowne, Red Lion
SAP Basis and AS/400 Administrator
Phone: 717-246-5387

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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